The world of magic is deeper and often more elusive than you could have ever imagined. Once you open the doors to this realm, you will discover that it stretches further than your eyes can see, farther than the corners of your mind can reach, and deeper than the core of the Earth itself.

Unfortunately for the adventurous souls, it rarely comes with a map of mystical guidance, directing you to the clearest and safest paths.
Instead, you may find yourself in a labyrinth of ideas, practices, and workings that can quickly leave you feeling lost and alone.

That is exactly what this guide attempts to remedy.
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Table of Contents

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Magickal Properties of Crystals


Meet & Greet the Covens

Meet & Greet the Editor

Handmade & Magickal Tailsmans

Handmade & Magickal Tools


Magickal Properties of Herbs

Magickal Properties of Oils

Magickal Properties of Altar Tools


Ancient Wisdom of Astrology

Ancient Wisdom of Chakras

Ancient Wisdom of Numerology


Prophetic Practice of Palmistry

Prophetic Practice of Rune Casting

Prophetic Practice of Tarot


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About the Editor

Wyndoe the Witch was born just over a quarter century ago, though she only recently discovered the name for herself. In her youth, she stirred late at night as she read tales of Hogwarts, or every Halloween when she felt called to roam the streets as her authentic self. Her spirit would visit in the form of omens and animals, signs and synchronicities. As the years passed, her quiet whispers of magic were drowned out by the demanding and chaotic chatter of the mundane.

Eventually, she had a dream to make her life meaningful and beautiful again. She felt called to create a website that embodied this change she craved in herself. And so she consulted the internet, lit a yellow candle anointed with oils and herbs and with shocking haste, a website was born! Slowly but surely, that website began to take on a life of its own, all the while seeping its magic into her own life.

Alas, she came to realize the project was made up of pure dreams and make-believe. It succeeded, and yet it failed: a paradoxical first draft. It was built on fantasy and fallacies, and soon hopes and wishes seemed to weave themself into a web of confusion. Slowly that web was left to the dust so a new dream could be born...

She realized she needed to find herself, (again), in order to find her way. Suddenly, her social media feeds stopped shouting lies and starting whispering secrets - secrets of the magical realm she had almost forgotten about. She began to learn a little bit about a lot of things and quickly became overwhelmed with the implications. She knew she needed to keep a record of her winding path, but she knew it would not be as clear or as pretty on paper.

Knowing only the World Wide Web would be large enough to hold all the secrets she wished to discover, she sought to

create a resource that worked the way her mind did - a magical fractal of ideas all strung together by a current of energy. She sought to collect everything she could to reference whenever the need arose, to compile the work of those who came before her in honor of those who would come after.

- Wyndoe the Witch


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